Being bad never felt (or looked) so good! If you're tired of playing by the rule, we got you. Here's a list of our favorite villain Halloween costumes for 2021.

Cat Woman


This sexy feline fit will have you ready for a night of Gotham adventures.

Poison Ivy


The dark knight himself wouldn't be able to resist this deadly diva.

Freddy Krueger


Don't sleep on this killer costume fit. Deadly and dreamy.



Cast your spell in this cozy hooded dress.



Why so serious? Gotham won't even know what hit em'!

Captain Hook


Take Neverland by storm in this iconic pirate dress.

Queen of Hearts


This deluxe gown will have you screaming "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

The Evil Queen


The OG villain! Evil is no match for you in this 4 piece queen set.
We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite villain costumes of 2021. If you go as any of these crazy criminals make sure to tag @legavenue with the hashtag #legavenYOU.