Calling all the basic witches! Probably the most classic Halloween costume of all time is the witch, but you don’t have to be just any old witch. Grab your broom and check out these awesome not-so-basic Leg Avenue witch costumes.


We get it, you like the classics! Twitch your nose and put on this retro-inspired witch costume. Also available in plus.

Pagan Witch

This enchanting costume will have you ready for all your sacred rituals.

Spell Binding Witch

This quirky velvet dress will have you ready for any adventure, even if that includes saving the town of Greendale.

Sultry Sea Witch

Those poor unfortunate souls, at least you look good! Also available in straight sizes.

Crafty Witch

No love potions required with this wickedly hot costume.

Black Magic

Just a little something for a night out with the coven girls.

Basic Witch

Okay maybe this one is a little basic, but in the most literal way possible! Also available in straight sizes.

Darling Spellcaster

You’ll be casting all the spells in this glittery vintage-inspired dress.

Storybook Witch

This may be the witchiest witch costume to ever exist! Take it a step further and grab your mini me, also available in kids.
We hope this list gave you some great inspiration to be 100% that witch on Halloween. If you go as any of these witches, make sure you tag @legavenue with the hashtag #legavenYOU.