Trend Report: Mermaidcore 2023

Trend Report: Mermaidcore 2023

Encompass an oceanic vibe and embrace your inner mermaid with Mermaidcore, TikTok and Gen Z's newest obsession. Thanks to the likes of oceanic media like The Little Mermaid and Avatar: The Way of the Water, this ocean aesthetic is here to stay. Our little guide will take you down under to explore the depths of the trend and teach you how to add touches of the ocean into your sexy siren style. Whether you want to have seashell accessories or create a full on trendy fantasy outfit, Leg Avenue has you covered with sexy lingerie and fun costume accessories. 

Embrace Ocean Hues

If blues and purples aren't already your favorite colors, hurry up and change it fast. Mermaidcore is all about dressing as if your world is filtered by the ocean light. Think turquoises, seaweed green, and ultraviolet purples. Shimmer and pearlescent accents are also no stranger to the ocean. 

Turquoise Teddy Lingerie, Green Zigzag Set, Blue Cut Out Crop Top Set

 Can't Say No Teddy // Summer Romance Set // Caught Up Crop Set

Green Net Dress, Lavender Fishnet Teddy, Turquoise Net Dress

 Summer Dreamz Net Dress // Vivid Vibes Net Bodysuit // Invite Only Mini Dress

Get a Little Caught Up

 An in-house favorite, fishnet screams mermaid and all things ocean. A Leg Avenue staple, we have fishnet in all forms that you could ever want or need. For the trend, stick with a thicker woven net that'll give you that "tangled in net" look. Emerge from the waters in sexy fishnet dresses or add a touch with some fishnet gloves. 


 All Twisted Up Maxi Dress // Never Enough Backless Maxi Dress // Bad Behavior Net Mini Dress

 Vacay Vibes Shell Net Mini Dress // In The Mix Tank Bodysuit // Falling 4 U Rhinestone Bodysuit

Seashell Galore

Pearls are the diamonds of this watery realm. A mermaid wouldn't be caught dead without them. Add other touches of the ocean with seashell motifs and strings of pearls. This boho vibe is bound to add that last bit of tidal layering to complete your look. 




If that isn't enough for you, check out our mermaid costumes here


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