The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide to Buying Lingerie

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide to Buying Lingerie
With Valentine's day approaching, now is the time to start looking for the perfect lingerie to surprise that special person in your life. With so many options and sizes out there, we know how confusing it can be to pick the right lingerie that they'll love and feel confident in. We've made things simple by creating the ultimate guide to buying lacy pieces broken down into different sections:

1.) Lingerie Type Preference:

Let's start with the basics. The first thing you'd want to know is their preference on what type of lingerie they likes to wear. Take a peek at their wardrobe and find out what their favorite colors are and which of these lingerie styles they tend to gravitate towards:

Chemise/Babydoll Dress:

Purple / Plum Stolen Moments Babydoll Chemise Lingerie Set

If they typically go for a modest look, a chemise or babydoll dress would be a great option. Our Stolen Moments Babydoll Chemise Set provides just enough sheer coverage to heat up the bedroom while they feel confident and sexy. 

Stolen Moments Babydoll Chemise Set   






Red In My Dreams Rose Lace Chemise Or as another option, we also have our red In My Dreams Rose Lace Chemise that is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy and also doubles as a comfy lounge piece that your significant other will be sure to love.

In My Dreams Rose Lace Chemise







Bra and Panty Sets

A bra and panty set is a classic lingerie style that can come in a variety of different looks. These two lingerie sets come with garter belts so you will need to also buy stockings to complete the look.


White Kiss Me Quick Bra Lingerie Set

If your special person wears a lot of lighter colors and loves summery, delicate look, our Kiss Me Quick Bra Set would be an excellent option. Since this set has garter straps, also add our Gwen Fishnet Thigh High Stockings to complete the irresistible look.

Kiss Me Quick Bra Set





Black True Romance Lace Bra Lingerie SetIf you find that your lover loves the classic black lace sets, our True Romance Lace Bra Set will wow them. Again, since this set comes with a garter belt, our Dex Sheer Stockings or Gem Industrial Net Stockings would complete the set. 


True Romance Lace Bra Set 





Red Sweet Surrender Lace Bralette Set

If your special someone loves to dress in bright colors like red for Valentine's day, our Sweet Surrender Lace Bralette Set comes in red or blue and features a cage strap sexy bralette with tie back straps and strappy thong panties with bow accent. Bright colors doesn't necessarily mean less sexy as the cage straps create an effortlessly seductive look.

Sweet Surrender Lace Bralette Set






Next we have teddies or bodysuits which are a one piece lingerie that cover the torso. They are a fantastic alternative to the traditional bra and panty and great at accenting your partner's silhouette.


red and black robe and teddy bodysuit lingerie set

Next we have teddies or bodysuits which are a one piece lingerie that cover the torso. They are a fantastic alternative to the traditional bra and panty and great at accenting your partner's silhouette.

 All Romance Lace Teddy & Robe Set


Red Strappy Lace Teddy Bodysuit

 If you take a look at their closet and find that they own a lot of strappy pieces, our red Strappy Lace Teddy is the perfect V-Day present to gift. They'll be sure to love the beautiful lace and edgy straps of our lingerie teddy.

Strappy Lace Teddy






2.) Accessories

Next we have lingerie accessories which are just as important as the lingerie itself to bring the lingerie outfit together. Between thigh high stockings, garters, garter belts, and gloves, you're probably confused on where to start. We're here to break down the function of each accessory and which we recommend pairing with different lingerie styles.

Garter Belts:

Garter belts are designed to hold up thigh high stockings and keep them secure. A majority of our bra and panty lingerie sets such as the Kiss Me Quick Bra Set and Sweet Surrender Lace Bralette Set come with garter belts. These lingerie sets with garter belts require thigh high stockings that will give an extra layer to the sexy look.



Red Bow Garter suspenders // Black heart Garter suspenders

If the lingerie set does not come with a garter belt, we also have various garters available to attach to the thigh high stockings. Our Street Chic Thigh High Bow Garter comes in pink, red, and black and is a flirty alternative to a traditional garter belt. We also have our Joni Garter Suspender with Heart that is perfect for pairing with black lingerie as the heart shape gives it a romantic touch.


Thigh High Stockings:


Black sheer thigh high stockings // Black fishnet thigh high stockings

As mentioned previously, if their lingerie set comes with a garter belt, make sure to also gift them a pair of thigh high stockings to complete the look. We recommend the Dex Sheer Stockings that comes in multiple colors or if they prefer to wear fishnets, the Ida Net Thigh High Stockings.



black rhinestone fishnet gloves // black lace gloves
Though gloves are often overlooked, your significant other will really appreciate someone who goes the extra mile to think of extra lingerie accessories. Our Bling Ring Rhinestone Fishnet Gloves come in red, black, or nude and add a sparkle to any valentine's day lingerie piece. To add an extra romantic lace element to the look, we also have our Lace Keyhole Fingerless Gloves for a subtle addition.



3.) Sizing

Finding the correct sizing for lingerie can be one of the most confusing things between the various band size and cup sizes to figure out. We've made it as simple as possible with our sizing by getting rid of those numbers.

pink rhinestone lingerie set

Take a look at their wardrobe and see what size they wear with their current clothing. Our sizing ranges from XS-XL or is one size fits most for people up to plus sizes because the lingerie material is stretchy. As seen below, our "one size" Risk Taker Rhinestone Bra Set can fit well on both a straight and plus size. For plus size people, we also have a selection of plus size lingerie and hosiery available for those who want a more opaque look.

Our wide selection of sizing for each piece guarantee that you'll find the correct size for them with whatever style you choose.


We hope you enjoyed this guide to buying Valentine's Day lingerie for your partner. If you have any additional quesions, send us a DM @legavenue on Instagram. If you get any of the lingerie pieces we mentioned, make sure to have them tag @legavenue with the hashtag #legavenYOU.


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