2023 Spring Hosiery Trends to Upgrade your Outfits

2023 Spring Hosiery Trends to Upgrade your Outfits

With spring already here, that means it's time to change out pieces from your wardrobe to adjust to the warmer temperatures. While it's not quite warm enough in most parts of the world to bare those legs just yet, tights are a great transitional piece into spring fashion while making a statement. So whether you prefer classic tights, fun, bright patterns, or more whimsical stockings, here are trending hosiery recommendations to easily upgrade your outfits.

1.) Bright Red and Neon Hosiery Colors


Easily add a pop of red color to your outfit with our red tights, thigh high socks, and ankle socks. Glossy red hues and neon colors are the hottest trending colors this spring and what better way to incorporate it then with fun hosiery pieces.

First, we have the our cute and girly Strawberry Ruffle Anklets or if you want something similar but in thigh highs, we have our Cherry Dot Thigh Highs which pair perfectly with shorts and skirts for a playful springtime look. If you want a classic fishnet hosiery style in red, we have our Kya Net Garter Belt Stockings. And finally, if you want a playful look, we have our Splatter Thigh Highs or our Blaze Opaque Tights that will add a dramatic flair to your outfit.


white strawberry ankle socks // white cherry thigh high socks

Strawberry Ruffle Anklets // Cherry Dot Thigh Highs

red fishnet tights // red and black thigh high socks // red fire fishnet tights

Kya Net Garter Belt Stockings // Splatter Thigh Highs // Blaze Opaque Tights


2.) Butterfly Trend on Hosiery


Butterflies are a cute and playful way to add some whimsical elements to your spring wardrobe. You can wear the pretty butterfly fashion trend with our Butterfly Cut Out Thigh Highs that come in black and white to make your outfit look extra cute for spring. If you would like a more subtle butterfly look, we have our Butterfly Backseam Thigh Highs or our Butterfly Fishnet Tights.

black butterfly thigh highs // white butterfly thigh highs

white and black butterfly backseam tights

Butterfly Backseam Thigh Highs

white and black butterfly tights

Butterfly Fishnet Tights


3.) Abstract Cutouts


Abstract cutout patterns are trending for spring and an excellent way to express your creativity through our eccentric tights. First up, we have our Doll Net Tights; this iconic design features swirls, stripes, and dots woven into classic fishnet. If you want to create a whimsical, woodsy look, our Cracked Fishnet Tights are a great way to complete your outfit. Finally, if you want an abstract floral patterned tights, we have our Chantilly Floral Lace Tights that come in both white and black.

black patterned tights

Doll Net Tights // Cracked Fishnet Tights 

black and white floral tights

Chantilly Floral Lace Tights


4.) Gothic Chic


Who says you can't wear black in the spring? Hop onto the gothic chic trend by wearing an all-black outfit this spring. Complete the look with our Moody Fishnet Thigh Highs or Bat Net Tights for a twist to your outfit!

 black bat tights // black moody tights

Bat Net Tights // Moody Fishnet Thigh Highs

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite spring trends for hosiery. If you get any of these tights, make sure to tag @legavenue with the hashtag #legavenYOU.


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