5 Costume Ideas for You and Your Bestie(s)

5 Costume Ideas for You and Your Bestie(s)

What's better than an amazing Halloween costume? Coordinating an out of this world Halloween group costume with some of your best friends! We've got tons of great options from iconic characters from your favorite movies to modern pop culture icons you've grown to love. Whether you're looking for duo costumes for you and your bestie or costumes for a large group, we've got you covered with our unique list of Halloween costumes for groups:

1.) Classic Princesses

Grab your girl group and dress up as Disney’s most iconic princesses. You’ll all be sure to look like stunning royalty as you step right into a fairy tale with our modern and sexy collection of princess costumes. We have our classic Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume, our girly Sleeping Beauty inspired Dreamy Princess Costume, our iconic Bad Apple Snow White Costume, our gorgeous Belle inspired Fairytale Beauty Costume. Finish all off these looks with our Kay Opaque Thigh Highs to complete your magical night! Want more options for your group? Dress as Ariel in our uniquely designed Under the Sea Mermaid Costume and add our red 27" Long Wavy Wig to fully get into character! We also have Jasmine inspired Oasis Princess Costume that will look stunning with our 26" Desert Princess Wig.

Belle costume / Sleeping Beauty Costume / Cinderella Costume

Cinderella Costume // Sleeping Beauty Costume // Belle Costume // White Thigh Highs Stockings

Snow white costume // jasmine costume // Ariel costume

  Snow White costume // Jasmine costume // Ariel costume

2.) Alice in Wonderland

Create a fresh spin on the classic Alice in Wonderland by dressing as your favorite childhood characters. From the mischievous Mad Hatter and Alice herself to the wicked Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland has so many eccentric characters to make the perfect group costume this year. We have our new Curious Miss Alice Costume, our Queen of Harts inspired Wicked Wonderland Queen, our Wonderland White Rabbit Costume, and if you're feeling more on the naughty side, our Mischievous Mad Hatter Costume. Add our Card Suit Thigh High Stockings and Satin Elbow Length Costume Gloves to complete the Queen of Hearts look!

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Harts Costume / Bunny Costume / Mad Hatter Costume

 Queen of Hearts costume // White Rabbit Costume // Mad Hatter Costume // Card Suit Thigh High Stockings // White Satin Gloves

Alice Costume

Alice Costume

3.) Super Mario Characters

 Bring back your childhood nostalgia by dressing as your favorite video game characters from Super Mario! Race your friends in Mushroom Kingdom with our Mario inspired Gamer Babe Sexy Costume With Hat , Luigi inspired Gamer Sidekick Sexy Costume With Hat, Wario inspired Gamer Villain Costume, or Waluigi inspired Gamer Baddie Costume. Feel like wearing something more girly instead? Dress up as our Peach inspired Sexy Pink Princess Costume With Crown or Daisy inspired Sexy Sunflower Princess Costume With Crown. Complete these looks with our Satin Mini Gloves and Nylon Thigh High Stockings!

Wario Costume / Mario Costume 

Mario Costume // Luigi Costume // Wario Costume // Waluigi Costume

Princess peach and daisy costume

Peach Costume // Daisy Costume // Satin Mini Gloves // Nylon Thigh High Stockings

4. ) Circus Themed

With recent movies such as The Greatest Showman becoming such popular hits, now is a better time than ever to have a circus theme for your group costume. Become an original circus performer with our Ring Mistress Sexy Circus Costume or get wacky and dress as a clown with our colorful Clown Cutie Sexy Circus Costume or our black and white Captivating Circus Clown Costume. We can't leave out the lion performances at every circus, so you can add our Savage Lion Sexy Costume to round out the cast of talented circus performers!

Ringmaster Costume // Lion Costume

Ringmaster costume // Lion Costume

Black and white clown costume // colorful clown costume

Black and white clown // Colorful Clown

5.) Wizard of Oz

Walk the yellow brick road with your favorite people this year by dressing as your favorite characters from the iconic Wizard of Oz. First up, we have our Dorothy inspired Gingham Dress With Split Skirt which pairs perfectly with our Violet Fishnet Thigh High Stockings. To complete the group, perfect additions to Dorothy would be our Sinister Scarecrow Costume which comes in both women and men styles, our cowardly lion inspired Savage Lion Sexy Costume, our silver Laser Cut Catsuit as the famous Tinman, and of course, the Wicked Witch of the West inspired Broomstick Babe Witch Costume. Feeling nice this Halloween? Why not dress up as everyone's favorite good witch, Glinda, with our pink Frosted Organza Babydoll Dress and Rhinestone Crown Headband. 

 Dorothy costume // cowardly lion costume // tin man costume // scarecrow costume

 Dorothy costume // Cowardly Lion costume // Tin Man costume // scarecrow costume 

glinda costume // wicked witch of the west costume

Pink puff sleeve dress (Glinda costume) // Rhinestone Crown Headband // Wicked Witch of the West costume 

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite group costumes for 2022. If you go as any of these costumes we mentioned, make sure to tag @legavenue with the hashtag #legavenYOU.


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