Hey you, did you wait till the last minute again to find a costume? Or maybe you’re not trying to go all out this year. While dressing up for Halloween can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be! If you want all the fun of dressing up without all the effort, we got you! Check out our complete guide for a lazy girl's Halloween!

Spider Web Costume Poncho

Everyone will be getting caught in your web all night long with this Rhinestone Poncho.


Alien Hoodie Fleece Dress

This Alien Hoodie Fleece dress will give you EXTRAterrestrial comfort for the entire night.


Fawn Cropped Hoodie

Be the baddest babe in the enchanted forest with the Fawn Cropped Hoodie.


Mystery Pup Costume Romper

Grab the gang and head out for adventure in our Mystery Pup Romper.


Cozy Bat Costume

You’ll be the coziest battie at the party in this zip up hoodie dress. Also available in plus.


Celestial Cape and Wizard Hat

Make the night magical in this wizard set.


Scarecrow Costume Kit With Hat

Take a stroll down the yellow brick road with this effortless Scarecrow Costume Kit.


Glitter Cape and Devil Horns

Show off your hot side with this Devil Cape and Horns set. Try pairing with our Basic Bodysuit.


Unicorn Costume Wig and Tail

Turn heads with this mystical Unicorn Wig and Tail Kit.



Golden Angel Wing and Halo Kit

This Golden Angel Wing and Halo kit will have you feeling heavenly throughout the night.

We hope you and your inner lazy girl enjoyed this list! If you go as any of these effortless costume ideas, make sure to tag @legavenue and hashtag #legavenYOU on Instagram!