11 Fun Halloween Face Masks

Fun Halloween Face Masks

Halloween and masks go together like summer and swimsuits. This year is a bit different because the traditional Halloween masks are not as protective as you need them to be. But this is what makes Halloween really shine – the options you have for your costume this year are so much greater because people are rethinking how best to deliver the greatest Halloween masks.

This is the time to really let your creativity shine. The right face mask can really make your costume look amazing, and a lot more realistic since face masks fit closer to your face than traditional Halloween masks.

Even if you aren’t interested in wearing a costume, you can participate in the season by getting a mask that adds a little something to your wardrobe. It’s a nice touch to an otherwise normal outfit. And with Halloween just around the corner, you’ve got a way to really make your look unique to celebrate the season.

Skull face masks


Regardless of what you want to accomplish with your mask, there are some important safety precautions you should take to make sure your mask performs its most important function – protecting you from a contagious illness.

Prepare for That Party

If you are going to a Halloween party, get used to these habits before you go out the door. It is incredibly easy for a mask to slip if you aren’t used to wearing one, meaning you will adjust it or move it, which is something you should avoid doing as much as possible.

Think of your mask like shoes. When you are out of your home, you leave your shoes on, and you always wash your hands after touching your shoes. In this case, you should wash your hands before you adjust or remove your mask.

Break It in

Just like you don’t want to wear your shoes for long period of time in the beginning, your mask probably needs a short breaking in period to be comfortable. They are much more comfortable than a new pair of shoes, but the bands need to stretch to a comfortable level, and you want to get the stiffness out of the cloth. Give it a wear several times, and a couple of washings, then when it’s time to party, you can wear it without having to worry about it causing you to be uncomfortable.

Ultimately, you want to check out how people react to your Halloween mask, not get distracted by that initial discomfort. One thing you can do to break in a mask is to wear it during a teleconference. Sure, you can get by without the mask since it is a virtual meeting, but giving the meeting something fun to talk about at the beginning gives you the perfect chance to see how people will react. It also helps start off the meeting on a fun note. The fact that your mask is broken in toward the end is just one more benefit.


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Make Sure It Is Snug

Breaking in your mask is just the beginning. Once it feels comfortable, make sure that it continues to fit snuggly before you head out of your home.

Over time, your mask probably won’t fit quite the same way, but in the beginning, it will be incredibly comfortable once it is broken in. Just make a regular check (maybe early every week) to make sure that it still keeps the lower part of your face firmly covered.

Cover All of the Lower Part of Your Face

The mask should fully cover your nose and mouth. Since it is thought that the droplets coughed, sneezed, and exhaled are what carry viruses, keeping your mouth and nose covered keeps you safe from others while keeping them safe if you have an illness.

When you are outside where keeping distance from other people is easy, you will probably be tempted to pull your mask down. It is best not to get in this habit.


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Avoid Touching Your Face and Mask

One of the main reasons to avoid moving your mask when you are outside is that you want to reduce the risk of touching your face if you have come into contact with a virus. One of the last things you want to do is to put those germs on your mask.

Remember this even if you are in the car and heading home. After you have come inside, make sure you wash your hands for at least 30 seconds before you remove your mask.

This is another reason to surprise your coworkers on Zoom calls – you get a chance to get used to it. When it feels more like a part of your outfit, you won’t feel like pulling at it much. And startling your coworkers with a spooky mask injects a bit of fun.



Wash Your Mask after Each Wear

If you wear your mask inside a shop, another house, or anywhere outside of your own home, make sure you wash it before wearing it again. You don’t want to put on a mask that has germs on it on your face.

Have Several Masks

Masks can be used as a great fashion accessory, and since they are essential, you should have several of them. Fortunately, there are so many options, and Halloween gives you an opportunity to show off some far more interesting masks than usual. There are many different styles and colors to choose from so you can create the right look for many different situations.

Have Fun with It!

While you should always be safe for Halloween, you still want it to be fun. Masks give you a way to be playful all season. You’ve got a range of fantastic fashionable looks you can use, as well as a few creepy ones to shock people when you turn on your monitor or turn around on a walk. Get yourself a couple and enjoy surprising trick-or-treaters at your door or giving people a quick jolt of shock when they take in your altered visage – only to laugh at the  sight. You can even slip it on while taking a quick restroom break during a scary movie night, making the night a little bit more memorable.

The right fashionable face mask can make any outfit look like a costume with minimal effort. Check out our current inventory to find the right cloth face mask (or masks) for your Halloween plans.


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