Top 5 Music Festival Essentials

Women's sunflower, mermaid, and rainbow crop tops

It's officially Summer and you know what that means, it's the start of Music Festival Season! With Hard Summer coming up in the next couple of weeks with Lollapalooza and Life is Beautiful on its coattail it's time to start packing and preparing. Whether you're wearing your floral crowns and long dress or barely there hot pants and a crop, these are 5 things you DEFINITELY should bring to survive the long weekend ahead of you. 

  • Sunscreen
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Sunglasses or Hat
  • Bandana or Face Mask
  • Portable Charger 


PROTECT YOURSELF! You are going to be outdoors for three consecutive days. You are going to be in the sun, and unless you protect your skin YOU WILL GET BURNED! Doesn't sound like a big deal when you're going crazy over your favorite artists and DJs, but when the event is over you don't want to be that person stuck with bondage strap tans when you're dragging yourself to work on Monday morning (or Tuesday if you're smart and requested Monday off).


Sun screen

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Spray $15.99:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen $8.99:



DON'T WEAR SANDALS, SLIPPERS, HEELS ETC. Online you see these overly romanticized photos of Vanessa Hudgens or Kendell Jenner wearing cute strappy sandals and booties in their bohemian inspired looks. What they don't tell you is that they become uncomfortable REAL quick. Unless you're a VIP Celebrity you're going to have to walk to the venue from the parking lot like everyone else. This includes a lot of uneven terrains full of dust, pebbles, and rocks that your cute sandals aren't going to protect your feet from. Not to mention that they will be in danger from those around you dancing or drunkenly walking around in packed tents and crowds. Do yourself a favor and wear comfortable shoes meant for walking and being on your feet for long periods of time.  


Brand shoes

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes $180:

Nike Roche One $75:



A lot of these Music Festivals start in the daytime, and if you're like us and you like to go early you will be there when the sun is at its all-time high. Protect your eyes from the glare with some sunglasses or a hat. But beware, you may not want to bust out the expensive pair of Ray Bans you spent months to save up for, or your new sports hat. In high volume events, items like these are likely to get lost easily. We recommend getting a cheap pair on Amazon or finding a cheap stylish sun hat that you wouldn't mind potentially losing. 


Sunglasses and cap

Livho Sunglasses for Women $12.99:

Reason Rose Dad Hat $18.00:



It gets pretty windy out there, and with wind comes dust. Especially with crowds moving like herds of cows from stage to stage, there's bound to be clouds of dust in the air that will be hard to detect once the sun goes down. Protect yourself from blowing dirt out of your nose and coughing dust chunks by bringing a bandanna or face mask. Your lungs will thank you for it come Day 3. 


 Bear facemasks and bandanas

Disguise Bear Mouth Mask $7.99: 

Levi's Men's Printed Bandana Set $7.99:


Portable Charger

As much as you say you won't record, you're going to be tempted. You're going to be in a fast pace environment where tons of your favorite artists will be performing. In the heat of the moment, you'll pull your phone out again and again and again to get the perfect #ootd next to the art installments, take a selfie with a friend you just ran into, or take a video when your song is playing. Don't regret not bringing a portable charging pack and losing your friends at the end of the night because your phone is dead. 


Anker PowerCore 10000, One of the Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact, High-speed Charging Technology Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More

Anker Powercore 10000 $27.99:



The important thing is to be safe and have fun! Stay hydrated, don't get so shit-faced drunk that you can't function the rest of the weekend, and dance your pants off! Festivals are a gateway to a new world where you can get away from reality and have unapologetic shameless fun. If you're a last minute lady who has yet to figure out your outfits, check out our website for fun apparel and accessories!


Top 5 festival essentials you shouldn't forget


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