The Best Accessories to Take Your Halloween Costume to the Next Level

Women's clown costume and accessories for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to bust out your best and most creative costume ideas. There’s nothing better than a whole holiday dedicated to being someone else, right? The easiest way to take your costume to the next level is with clever accessories. With little effort, you can elevate your costume or turn something in your closet into a clever DIY.

In fact, for many costumes, it is the accessories that really leave the biggest impression. Here’s a quick look at the little things you can add that will make your costume really pop. The best thing about accessories? They’re not size specific and work with all shapes and sizes.


Costume wigs

One of the best ways to create just the right look is to add a beautiful wig that gives your face a unique look. Whether you want a wild color or lovely long locks, there are many stylish wigs that give you just the right look. Halloween costumes for women typically do not come with wigs, so you will want to look for your wig separately. One year you can change up an old pirate costume or witch costume with a long colorful wig to change up the look.

In addition to a range of colors, some wigs are already styled, making it that much easier to establish a certain look. You can find feather pastel and mink green space buns for a very different look. Or you can get braided wigs styled to look like one of the Disney princesses. You can even find retro wigs to save you time from having to straighten or style your own hair.

Masks and Collars

Bunny face mask

When it comes to the perfect Halloween costume, you really need a mask for a little bit of mystery. Masks go with nearly any costume, from superheroes and villains to cat and dogs. This is an accessory that can be fairly comfortable while making you look different from others in similar costumes at a party.

Collars have the obvious kinky connotations, but they can go well beyond that. Chokers are classy, and are often used for occult costumes. Collars are also great additions for an animal costume.

Petticoats and Tutus

Rainbow tutu

Petticoats and tutus are a couple of accessories that most people don’t think about because we think of them as being specific either to an earlier time or ballet. Petticoats are perfect for helping to make your dress stand out. If you have a skirt that really flairs, add a petticoat under it to give it that old-time look.

Tutus are a bit more specific, but they are great with a wide range of costumes that aren’t ballet. From fairies and pixies to maids and criminals, tutus are something that make your costume standout as unique. You can also add one to a clown costume or zombie for a little more of a creep factor.

Retro Costumes

80s costumes

These days, costumes reminiscent of another era are incredibly popular for women. While you can buy clothes to get the right 80s look, accessories are essential. Legwarmers, bangles, bows, and scrunchies are accessories that just scream 80s. All you need to do is spend 10 minutes looking at movie posters from the time and you will see just what kinds of accessories were popular.

Another time period that is popular and fairly easy to replicate from your closet are 70s costumes for women. Usually a long straight wig or one with excessive curls will work to establish the era, but you need a bit more than that and a loud shirt. Add a flower purse, some wings, and a tiara to create a Studio 54 look.


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