Accessories to Complete Every Rave Outfit

Rave Essentials / Rave Accessories to complete a rave outfit
Rave accessories are a fantastic way to personalize your rave outfit and elevate it to the next level! Adding that finishing touch can really help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some of our favorite essential accessories that will complete any rave look you're planning:


1.) Leg Wraps/Leg Warmers

Leg wraps and leg warmers help add color, texture, and pattern to your legs for that classic raver girl style. You can choose from a variety of different styles and colors to complement your outfit from our rhinestone and solid colored leg wraps to even our fun Ivy Shimmer Garter Leg Wraps. Want to keep your ankles warm? Go for a bright, bold look with our fuzzy rainbow or neon colored leg warmers.

Black Rhinestone Leg Wraps / Green Leg Wraps / White Legwraps

Black Rhinestone Leg Wraps // Ivy Shimmer Garter Leg Wraps // White Garter Leg Wraps

Pink Fuzzy Leg Warmers / Rainbow Fuzzy Leg Warmers / Black Fuzzy Leg Warmers

Pink Fuzzy Leg Warmers // Rainbow Fuzzy Leg Warmers // Black Fuzzy Leg Warmers


2.) Harnesses

Wearing a harness adds a layer of edginess to your outfit and matching your leg wraps to a body harness creates a chic strappy look. Our holographic body harness goes great over a bodysuit or bikini set. Feel like adding something to your bottoms? Wear our black butt harness to complement your black outfit or wear it over bright neon colors for an eye-catching combo. If you want to dress up, we've got you covered with our angel wings or bat wings harness.

White Angel Body Harness / Black Butt HarnessWhite Angel Body Harness // Black Butt Harness

Black Leather Bat Wing Body Harness / Holographic Studded Body HarnessBlack Leather Bat Wing Body Harness // Holographic Studded Body Harness


3.) Butterfly Wings

Take your fashion game to new heights with our Festival Butterfly Wing Halter Cape with Batons that comes in both rainbow and orange/black colors. The wings feature easy to install poles to expand the wingspan and are complete with stretchy elastic back straps and wrist straps.

Rainbow Festival Butterfly Wing Halter Cape with BatonsRainbow Festival Butterfly Wing Halter Cape with Batons

Orange/Black Festival Butterfly Wing Halter Cape with Batons

Orange/Black  Festival Butterfly Wing Halter Cape with Batons


4.) Garter Belts/Garter Suspenders

Turn up the heat by adding a garter belt or garter suspender to your rave fit. They are easier to wear than leg wraps and our gorgeous, sparkly rhinestone garter belt layers perfectly with any lingerie set. Or go for our toned down black matte garter belt to keep the focal point on your stunning outfit. You can also accessorize with our heart shaped garter suspenders or our studded garter suspender and pair with your favorite stockings or hosiery.

Black Rhinestone Garter Belt / Dual Strap Holographic Stud Thigh High Heart Garter
Black Rhinestone Garter Belt // Holographic Dual Strap Studded Heart Garter

Black Garter Suspender with Heart / Black Matte Garter Belt

Black Garter Suspender with Heart // Black Matte Garter Belt


5.) Face Masks

Since COVID, face masks have become popularized at raves. Not only do they help shield from the large amounts of dust, but they are also a great accessory to complete your look. Our rhinestone and skull face masks come in a variety of colors and designs that will be sure to add extra sparkle to your rave outfit and keep your face warm at the same time.

Black Rhinestone Face Mask // Neon Pink Rhinestone Face Mask // Neon Yellow Rhinestone Face Mask

Black Rhinestone Face Mask // Pink Rhinestone Face Mask // Yellow Rhinestone Face Mask

Gold Foil Skull Face Mask /  Tie Dye Skull Face Mask / Holographic Foil Skull Face Mask

Gold Foil Skull Face Mask // Rainbow Tie Dye Skull Face Mask // Holographic Foil Skull Face Mask


5.) Face Jewels/Body Jewels

Stand out and shine with our face jewels and body jewels! They are definitely the must have rave accessory that adds a finishing touch to your holographic or sparkly rave outfit. All gems are made with strong adhesive so you will be sure to glitter all night under the electric sky!

Face Jewels / Body Jewels

Iris Face Jewels Sticker // Soleil Body Jewels Sticker

Body Jewels Sticker / Face Jewels Sticker

Juniper Body Jewels Sticker // Avri Face Jewels Sticker


 6.) Gloves

Adding gloves is a great way to accentuate your arms. Our rainbow fishnet gloves and our neon colored gloves will look amazing with a bright, bold outfit. Have a sparkly outfit planned? Try our rhinestone fishnet gloves!

Rainbow Fishnet Gloves / Black Rhinestone Fishnet Gloves / Neon Pink Fishnet Gloves

Rainbow Fishnet Gloves // Black Rhinestone Fishnet Gloves // Neon Pink Fishnet Gloves

We hope this list helped you find the perfect rave accessories to go with your outfit! If you wear any of these accessories, make sure you tag @legavenue on Instagram with #legavenYOU.



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