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Leg Avenue women's lace and mech teddy

Imagine. The day you've been waiting for is finally here. Who knew a simple question can be so life changing? From the time you said yes your months have been filled with visiting venues, consulting with a wedding planner, finding the perfect dress, the flowers, the cake, all the restless nights. All for today.

You walk in on cue, clutching onto your father's arm feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation as you make your way into a room filled with your loved ones. The place is immaculately adorned with the flowers and accent pieces you spent weeks not being able to decide between. You walk down the aisle and see your fiance, soon to be husband, in tears. Got 'im, that's right you better cry you think as you hold back your chuckle. You make your vows of love, and your lives finally merge together as one.

The ceremony goes smoothly aside from the ring bearer's meltdown. The reception is a dream. It is as close to perfect as you imagined. Even your usually sloppy drunk cousin who acts a fool isn't as drunk today. You can't help but think that all the planning, all the dieting, and working out, were all worth it the moment you take a bite of that white chocolate raspberry cream cake. So glad I talked him out of the Red Velvet, you think as you look out from your bridal seat and take in the view. Your husband clutches your hand, and you warmly smile at each other knowing that a new chapter in your life is beginning.

You both finally make it back to your suite at the end of the night. Sharing stories and laughing as you recount the day's events. You head into to the restroom to change and you realize, damn. You forgot about lingerie. With everything going on, it completely slipped your mind. But luckily, that maid of honor of yours came prepared and in the corner of your bathroom suite, you see a white gift bag filled with Leg Avenue lingerie and a card that reads. GET SOME. And get some you did...

Whether it's your special day or a close friends', Leg Avenue has got you covered for Bridal Lingerie. We have a variety of affordable styles fit for any blushing bride-to-be.

Lace & Mesh Teddy Lace and Mesh Teddy

A saucy piece that can be worn in the bedroom, or paired into a casual #ootd with jeans and a jacket that will leave hubby thinking wild thoughts.

Crotched Lace Teddy Crotched Lace Teddy

Let this crotched-detailed number mesmerize him and wanting more!

Lace Accented Sheer DressLace Accented Sheer Dress

This classic and timeless look with leave hubby speechless and gasping for air.

Mesh & Lace BabydollMesh and Lace Babydoll

Let him know how heavenly your body is in this angelic babydoll!

Crotched Lace Crop Top & High Waisted ThongCrotched Lace Crop Top and High Waisted Thong

This two piece will be a mutual favorite between you two, and forever bring back very pleasant memories.


Model: Phoenix Skye (@itsphoenixskye)



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