National Lingerie Day: Interview with Designer Amanda

Leg Avenue sexy kitten roleplay lingerie

Today is officially National Lingerie Day! To celebrate we did an exclusive interview with our talented lingerie designer Amanda to share her experience designing for Leg Avenue. 


What made you want to become a designer?

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I think the first thing I ever consciously drew were clothes, most likely a dress, actually it was a ball gown. As soon as I found out you can make a living by designing clothes, I was all in!

Leg Avenue Fishnet Plunging Teddy

How long have you been at Leg Avenue, and how have you been liking your experience?

I've been at Leg Avenue for about 5 years now, it was actually my first job out of college. I've been loving my experience so far! One thing I appreciate about working here is that the creative process starts with paper and pencil, which is rare nowadays. By being able to design that way as opposed to rendering it out digitally, I'm able to really get into my element. 

Leg Avenue Flirty Fire Fighter

What’s your favorite type of lingerie to design and why?

I really enjoy creating Role-play or Bedroom lingerie. It's a complex harmony between the sexiness of lingerie and the fun fantasy aspect of a costume. I love that it involves a lot of creativity. It can sometimes get campy, but that can be the best part!

Leg Avenue Sex Kitten

What kind of lingerie would you like to see more of and why?

I like the idea of lingerie existing outside of the bedroom and being pieces you can wear more than once! I think lingerie can seem intimidating and reserved for only special occasions, but there are lots of ways to wear it. I would love to see more lingerie that’s fashionable and functional for the everyday wardrobe.

Leg Avenue Ride 'Em Cowgirl

What’s your favorite lingerie product from Leg Avenue?

Oh boy! we have so many, I literally had to pull up our catalog and have an hour debate with myself. If I had to choose, I would pick 86064 (the Lattice Body-Con Dress) because it’s the perfect lace net ratio and I love a midi dress.

Leg Avenue Lattice Body Con Dress

Advice to anyone interested in designing lingerie.

It’s interesting because when I design lingerie I think to myself “is this sexy?” all the time. Which leads me to discover what is truly alluring to me and that changes all the time. So I’d say that designing lingerie will inadvertently make you learn about yourself and question how you feel confident and sexy. It’s exciting, everybody should try it!


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