How to Transform Your Look in 2019

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If you're like us this new year has got you thinking of your list of resolutions to achieve for 2019. Some of them might include saving money, watching less Netflix, hitting the gym more often, or changing up your diet--but one thing people don't normally think of is transforming your personal style. With the distractions of everyday responsibilities and obligations, it can be difficult to not only maintain your style but also keep up with changing fashion trends. But we have tips that will help you save you time, money, and make you feel more confident! Here are our tips to transforming your look in 2019!

Create a Style Vision Board

I know what you're thinking, a vision board...really? But hear me out, there are benefits to getting this crafty! Styling oneself is such a personal experience, the way you dress is your way of presenting yourself to the world. So do your research! Who are your style icons? What trends do you want to incorporate into your closet? What colors compliment you best? What is your #aesthetic? Once you figure it out, put your ideas together on a board for you to see regularly to get the creative juices flowing! It will make putting together outfits easier by creating a mental guideline for you to follow. 
Me to Me:
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Clean Out Your Closet

Get your Marie Kondo on and start tidying up that closet! We're all guilty of holding onto that top you'll wear eventually but never do or those too tight jeans you can't stand to part with; but as Linda from Bob Burger's said to Teddy about his extreme hoarding, "Does this love you?". Does this article of clothing make you feel like your best self when you wear it? Or does it hold stress because it's not matching up to the vision of yourself you had in your head? Sometimes you have to take the L and get rid of the pieces that aren't working for you and don't fit your Style Board. Remember to only keep the items that love you!
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Experiment With Clothes You Already Own

Now that your closet is filled with clothes that love you it's time to have some fun! Reevaluate the pieces that are leftover and mix and match them to your heart's content, because tbh there's no one here to judge you anyways! Just like any sport, you can't get better without practice and a little trial and error. Fashion is no exception! This helps open the mind to taking fashion chances with pieces you already feel confident in. I personally like making a day of it by playing my best 80's playlist to feel like I'm in a movie make-over montage. Bonus points for taking selfies in your favorite outfits for an easier time getting ready in the morning!
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Only Buy Items That Fit Your Style Vision Board

Now here is where the Style Board comes into full play. I know that microtrends and spur of the moment shopping sprees will have you running toward the first thing that catches your eye, but you have to ask yourself what value is this piece adding to my collection? Does it fit my style, or is it something I'll eventually phase out of my closet because it is not truly me? Use the board as a filter when shopping to avoid unnecessary purchases! This is turn will help you with that resolution on not spending too much money. 
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Stop Playing It Safe!

Use all the research and reflection of your personal style to elevate your look and simply have fun. Gaga might be a style icon now, but do you remember the infamous Meat Dress and all the other questionable fashion choices she's made in the past (that I love)? She's living proof that you can be fashion, have fun, feel confident and still grow and transform your look. You don't have to keep things safe and familiar. Commit yourself to feel comfortable in your own skin especially when experimenting with something new because fashion is not always about what you wear, but how you feel in what you wear.  
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