If you’re freaking out about what to be this year for Halloween, why not leave it to the astrological gods? Whether your element is air, water, earth or fire, there’s a costume that is unique to your zodiac sign. Check out our list of costumes based off your zodiac and let your inner star sign thrive!

Capricorn: Boxing Champion   


All you do is win at whatever cost.

Aquarius: Mad Hatter    

Soooo quirky just like you aqua!

Pisces: Dorothy

So stuck in your own dream world that you dissociate into a whole other reality.

Aries: Darling Devil

Something to heat up the chaotic fire sign in you.

Taurus: Greek Goddess

Imagine the scene, your lounging on your chaise on your patio overlooking the sea and a servant is feeding you grapes. Doesn't get more Taurus than that!

Gemini: Ninja        

A costume to sneakily enhance your double identity.

Cancer: French Maid

Always cleaning up yours and everyone else’s emotional messes so why not make it known?

Leo: Tinkerbell      

Tinkerbell literally needs attention TO LIVE.

Virgo: Ring Master

Face it, you can't be anything but in charge. Your life is like running a circus on the daily so you might as well be it for Halloween.

Libra: Cinderella

Social butterfly even all your animals love you and your sisters can’t help but hate you. You have everyone wrapped around your finger and deserve nothing else but to be a princess.

Scorpio: Gothic Little Red Riding Hood      

You intuitive little Scorpio. You knew something was up with grandma before you even stepped into the house.

Sagittarius: Pirate

Got commitment issues? Forget even committing to a country and run away to the seven seas.
We hope this list helps you feel your most authentic self on Halloween. If you go as any of these costumes, make sure to tag @legavenue and hashtag #legavenYOU on Instagram!