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Festival wings with bra and panty sets

At first glance, the enchanting vivid colors are mesmerizing. You’re then met with dynamic women confidently clad in larger-than-life outfits. Before you know it, you’re transported to a world beyond your imagination. Lizzie Rose’s photography has that effect. Characterized by its strong whimsical nature, we wonder what goes into having such a creative eye for photography.

We asked Lizzie a couple of questions regarding her life and photography, and this is what she had to say.

Lizzie Rose, Photographer


How did you get into your photography?

I have always loved taking photos, even when I was a little girl with a Polaroid camera! I started off shooting photos of my friends, mostly when we were at music festivals or events. Eventually, I started getting booked to cover festivals as a press photographer. I spent most of my time shooting DJ's, performers, and the people who would attend the events.

Over time, I began to realize the huge opportunity to create content for the clothing vendors onsite, so I began shooting highly creative and attention-grabbing photos and videos for those brands. I have been able to apply this level of creativity to brands of all industries as they look for ways to stand out. Through the fusion of strategic marketing concepts with photos that capture true moments, I've been able to put together effective campaigns that strengthen branding efforts all around.


How long have you been a photographer?

I've been a photographer for four years professionally, but I have always been focused on preserving moments. My father was in the military when I was young, so I moved a lot as a child. Because moments were so fleeting in each place, I wanted to be able to preserve each phase of my life. I think that has carried into my adult life as I photograph things that are close to my heart and try to capture and preserve certain feelings and aesthetics.


What type of photography do you enjoy the most and why?

I love colorful fashion photography - especially the kind that makes the viewer feel good. I believe in the power of color therapy and that the visual has the power to affect the emotional. I also really enjoy photographing women, I think in our society it's important for women to be captured feeling empowered and sexy for themselves, not just for the pleasure of others. I think it's so cool that I get to shoot women for brands that are advertising to women, I get to capture confidence and empowerment- How cool is that?


Woman in fishnet tights and black bodysuit


What’s a typical day in your life?

I just moved to San Francisco so my life has been a ton of unpacking and re-organizing lately! Usually, I like to leave the house to grab a coffee and game plan my day, and then I'll come home and start preparing for whatever shoot I have that day! Hair and makeup begin, I organize all necessary props, and we head out to whatever location we have selected for the day. If I don't have a shoot, I am usually editing past shoots or planning future shoots by making Pinterest mood-boards or sending the appropriate emails.


What was your breakthrough gig?

I treat every gig like my breakthrough gig! I hope to always give each project the attention and enthusiasm of an event that could make my career. Every time I put my heart into a project I know it has the opportunity to connect me with more opportunities! Developing "Lizzie Rose Media" has been a collaboration of many efforts and relationships that I am extremely grateful for. I believe that each person and interaction involved has played a major role in its growth.


Who are your inspirations?

I am so inspired by my friends, family, and feels. I am so lucky to have such beautiful people around me who have empowered me to create and follow an untraditional path. I am also inspired by all of the creators I get to learn about through Instagram. It's so amazing that we have social media to connect us to others in such an intimate and visual way.


What’s a fun fact about you?

The movie We Were Soldiers is about my grandpa and Mel Gibson plays him in the movie! Random, I know, but I got to walk on the red carpet when I was 8 years old at the movie premiere and that's when I first visited the west coast and realized I wanted to live in California someday! That day finally came true about two weeks ago.  


What do you do on your free time?

The funny thing about being an entrepreneur is that you're never truly off work! When I am hanging out with friends or traveling I am gathering inspiration to channel through my work. One thing in particular that I am working on outside of my typical workflow is a new aspect to my branding that aims to help people of all different body types and demographics accept and celebrate the body they have!

I have always been plus sized, and I've hated it for much of my life. Recently I realized that our struggles are our biggest strengths and can be our brightest light. When I open up about my process and how I've grown into acceptance, it gives others permission to do the same. A lot of my free time has been going to doing the self-work necessary to develop this and share that message!


Lizzie Rose for Leg Avenue Summer Shoot


What’s your advice to photographers getting started?

My advice to photographers just getting started is to create as much art as possible! Collaborate with people that inspire you and really discover what your style is. My next word of advice is to really celebrate how you see through your lens! Your view of the world is special and so unique, the world needs your vision! Make it happen and if you love it, there will always be a way to make it work!


What is your dream shoot?

My dream shoot is a high-end production in a foreign location, somewhere exotic or beautiful like India, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and beyond. I actually have plans to take my work global in the next year and expand my efforts to empower artists and models around the world. I would love to use my work to directly stimulate artist economies across the globe!


What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal is to meet and work with new people that expand my inspiration and awareness! I would love to get more into video work and tell stories that connect people to each other all over the world. If I can help people see the humanity in each other, no matter how many differences they possess, I will have fulfilled my ultimate goal.


Lizzie Rose for Leg Avenue Festival Shoot


Those that have had the pleasure of working with Lizzie will agree that she is a visionary. She is not only a creative soul but a humanitarian that uses her art and life experiences to bring people together. We have high hopes that her talent and wanderlust will take her far. Do yourself a favor and check out her page for yourself, you won't regret it. 

Instagram: @lizzierosemedia


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