Be Your Own Valentine

Leg Avenue women's plunging teddy bodysuit

The season of love is upon us. Cupid can practically be seen raining down his arrows on unsuspecting suckers. Traditionally it's been a day where chocolate hearts and roses are exchanged as a currency of love, but this year is for celebrating the one relationship that matters most. The one with yourself! Here are some things you can do this Valentine's Day to show yourself some love:

Get a Breath of Fresh Air

Nothing beats the feeling of going outside and getting fresh air. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or simply step outside and let the morning air rejuvenate you. 

Satin Robe

Read and Enjoy Some Quiet Time

Reading is a super relaxing hobby that takes you to another world away from the noise of people posting their Target bought chocolates and Teddy Bears on social media. 

Sheer robe

Buy Yourself Flowers

Bring some nature into the house, and buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers. No one knows your taste better than you! 

Red teddy bodysuit

Take a Luxurious Bubble Bath, Extra Points for Champagne!

You've eased your mind and spirit, now it's time for your body. Grab a flute of your favorite bubbly and get a little soak action in. 

Lace and Mesh Teddy

Watch Your Favorite Show or Movie in Bed

Our personal favorite part of the day would be sitting in bed watching yet another F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon with Valentine's Day exclusive treats. 

Floral Lace Teddy Here

Regardless of how you spend your Valentine's Day, we hope that you prioritize your happiness and show yourself some well-deserved love.



Model: @thejessadams | Photographer: @rtranphoto



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