2022 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

2022 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas
With Halloween being the only time of the year you're allowed to dress up as whatever you want and be as creative as you want, the possible costume ideas are endless. This year if you're wanting to switch it up from the classic princess or cat costume and dress up as someone from an iconic tv show or movie instead, we've got you covered. We've made a list of some of the most famous pop culture Halloween costumes, from timeless people and characters from our nostalgic past to iconic characters made famous in recent years. Whether from recent times or not, these pop culture costumes will help you have the most memorable Halloween.


1.) Batgirl

Even though Batman is the main superhero in Gotham City, we can't forget about Batgirl, who is a big deal herself in Gotham too. Dress in this sexy and fierce Batgirl costume which features a long sleeves zip up bodysuit with snap crotch, belt with attached garter, bat ear skull cap, and cape.
Batgirl costume


2.) Selena

Recreate pop icon Selena's most unforgettable look she wore while performing at the Houston Astrodome, with our new pop star costume. The stunning shimmery purple jumpsuit speaks for itself so just add Selena's signature red lipstick and a microphone to complete the look!

 Selena Popstar Halloween costume

Selena Costume 


3.) She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power

Want to be unique and stand out on Halloween but also dress as a cool superhero? Turn back time and dress as She-Ra, known for her incredible strength, agility, and speed. She originated from the popular 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power which also has a reboot on Netflix! Our costume includes a bodysuit with molded shoulders and attached cape, panel skirt, wrist cuffs, and wing head piece

 She-Ra Halloween Costume

She-Ra Costume

4.) Sam from Trick r Treat

There's no better way to fully get into the Halloween spirit than by dressing as Sam from the classic horror Halloween movie Trick r Treat. Bring tons of scares around you with this iconic costume which includes patchwork off the shoulder dress, rope belt, burlap hood, and fingerless gloves.

Sam Trick r Treat Halloween Costume

Sam Trick r Treat Costume

5.) Workout Barbie

Recreate the famous Barbie with a fresh spin by dressing as our new workout Barbie. Our colorful and fun workout Barbie costume includes a bandeau, suspender romper, belt, wrist bands, and headband and will instantly take you back to a retro 80's feel.

Workout Barbie Halloween Costume

Workout Barbie Costume

We hope this list helped you find your perfect pop culture inspired Halloween costume! If you decide to wear any of these, make sure you tag @legavenue on Instagram with #legavenYOU.


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